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Search For Britains Future Surf Talent In Edinburgh

Street Surfing Event in BrightonA summer surf tour - the Aquajuice ‘Surf Anywhere' Roadshow - visits Gyle Shopping Centre, Edinburgh this summer on 3rd August.   It's a chance for inner city youngsters to sample ‘surf sports' for free, without the need for a beach or waves.

A specially constructed arena will be offering people of all ages the chance to try the latest surf sport from the US - Street Surfing - for free. A combination of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, Street Surfing on a Waveboard is the closest you can get to surfing on dry-land.   Learning to ride the Wave does not require any prior board skills - whether young or old, it only takes about 15 minutes to become proficient and "ride your first wave".

Coaches from the British Surfing Association (BSA) and the Surf Anywhere team will be scouting for new, young surf talent at the event to find ‘Britain's surfing stars of the future' and boost the British surfing talent bank. 

They will be conducting quick and simple balance tests to spot potential surf stars.  "Many of our best surfers are originally from inner cities and we want to increase the volume of young talent coming through so we can continue to compete on the world stage," said BSA Surf Coach, Arron Evans.  Those who can demonstrate the surf balance skills and attitude needed could be selected to attend an all expenses paid ‘Surfing Academy' later this year.

A recent survey conducted by Calypso Aquajuice, sponsor of the ‘Surf Anywhere' tour with the BSA,  found that surprisingly, well over half of Britain's top surfers do not originate from the UK's beaches - 14 out of the top 25 British Surfers surveyed came from inner cities and towns, proving that you don't need to come from the beach to follow your passion.

Britain's current surf champion and most successful British surfer ever, Russell Winter, was born in London.  Oli Adams the current No.1 in the competition rankings, hails from Cheltenham; and Arron Evans, Under 18's junior champion comes from Wolverhampton.

Richard Cooke, Organisor of the Aquajuice Surf Anywhere Tour, which is visiting cities all over the UK said "As one of the coolest, most appealing sports on the planet, surfing has a massive appeal for kids, especially those who may not normally join in with traditional sports.  Street Surfing and surf sports are something most kids want to try and this tour is all about promoting exercise, health and the chance to try something different - all without the need for a beach or waves."

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