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Bangers At The Ready As HP Sauce Brings The ‘Oooh-Ahhh’ Challenge To Edinburgh

HP Logo Local firework fans compete to win the title of UK's loudest crowd

HP - makers of the nation's favourite brown sauce - will be adding some extra sparkle to Edinburgh's fireworks celebrations this year, by inviting residents to step up to the HP Sauce ‘Oooh-Ahhh' Challenge on Wednesday 5th November at the Meadowbank Stadium.

Over 400 years ago, Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Luckily he was unsuccessful and this national landmark became the inspiration behind the name and iconic symbol at the heart of HP Sauce. This tasty sauce certainly wouldn't have been the same otherwise.

To celebrate Bonfire Night this year, HP Sauce will be supporting the festivities and encouraging crowds around the country to cheer and make their town the loudest in the UK.

On Wednesday 5th November, it will be Edinburgh's turn to take the ‘Oooh-Ahhh' Challenge. All local residents need to do is head down to the Meadowbank Stadium where the HP team, armed with a specially designed ‘Oooh-Ahhh-Ometer' and an abundance of HP Sauce, will measure how loudly locals react to the fireworks on display.

And, of course, when the crowd is all ‘oooh-ahhhed' out, they can reward themselves with a delicious hotdog or burger and a huge dollop of HP Sauce.

So, which region will reign triumphant? Will the Northerners have the edge over their Southern counterparts? Will the Capital prove to have the most limber lungs? Or will Scotland get revenge on their old nemeses?

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