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PTRC Seminar


The increasing use of the public realm, including the highway and transport networks, for community events such as races, marathons, festivals and parades, means that stakeholders for example town centre managers, transport planners, highway and traffic engineers and the Police and emergency services are facing new but very interesting challenges.

This Seminar, which takes place on Friday 31 October 2008, in the City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh, will appeal to a wide range of disciplines and provides an opportunity to network with those involved in different aspects of hosting special events. Promoters, Local Authority Engineers, Transport Planners, Event Planners and the companies that advise them, the Police and Emergency Services and Emergency Planning Managers will all find this seminar of particular interest.

To register, please complete the booking form by visiting the website link below and return to: Helen Marshall, Conference Manager, PTRC, 1 Vernon Mews, Vernon Street, London W14 0RL

Tel 020 7348 1970 Fax 020 7348 1989 Email

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