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The Gathering Dress Rehearsal

The Gathering 2009 Edinburgh Castle Esplanade

Friday 24th July 10pm

Witnessed through the eyes of Aisling, the sacred Declaration of Abroath is drawn up setting in motion a series of historical events that will not only change a nation but will shake the world. Featuring historical figures and fictional characters from throughout Scottish clan history, Aisling's Children weaves a magical tale from the very cradle of a nation to the present day and takes it's rightful place as the jewel in the crown of The Homecoming celebrations.

This performance gives the public the opportunity to watch the final dress rehearsal before the World Premier on the evening of Saturday 25th July.

Tickets: All Tickets £10

Children under 3 are admitted free and do not require a ticket. However they must not occupy a seat and will have to be sat on parent's knee. The Gathering 2009 reserve the right to ask parents to remove their children from the audience if they are deemed to be disturbing other audience members.

Duration : 1 hour

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