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Monkey Business

  • Venue: National Museums Scotland
  • Date: 09 Dec '16 - 23 Apr '17
  • Price: See website for details
  • Showing Notes: Exhibition Gallery 1
  • Venue Address:
    Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF

  • Child Friendly

Event Details

This family-friendly exhibition, opening in December 2016, explores the world of primates, from the tiny mouse lemur to the mighty gorilla.

Primates are our closest living relatives. More than just monkeys, this extraordinary exhibition explores the diversity of primates from the tiny mouse lemur to the mighty gorilla, examining their key characteristics and how they have evolved and adapted over time.

Monkey Business features more than 50 spectacular new taxidermy specimens and articulated skeletons of monkeys, apes, lemurs, lorises and bushbabies, alongside models, engaging interactives, stunning photography and film. Visitors can discover how different primates move and communicate, how they’ve developed tools to get hold of food and how their complex social systems work. The exhibition will also examine the relationship between humans and primates, including the ways in which many species are threatened with extinction through the impact of habitat loss and hunting.


Monkey Business
Monkey Business Monkey Business