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Unto the Hills: Voces Inauditae Summer Concert

  • Venue: Church of the Sacred Heart
  • Date: 19 May '18
  • Time: 20:00 - 22:00
  • Price: By donation
  • Venue Address:
    28 Lauriston Street, Edinburgh EH3 9DJ

Event Details

Voces Inauditae is proud to present their summer concert "Unto the Hills," an exploration of wartime experiences and wartime texts in sacred music:

-Boreas (Emma Wilde)

-Psalm 121 (Dorothy Hindeman)
-Non est ad astra mollis e terris via (Rachel deVore Fogarty)
-Elegy in April and September (Yfat Soul Zisso)
-May 1915 (Suzanne Parry)
-Missa Sancta Heracleae (Lina Braghetta) 
-Vidi Jerusalem (Jacob Clemens non Papa)
-Vidi Speciosam (Rafaella Aleotti)
-Passion Chorale (J.S. Bach)
-The Soldier’s Farewell (Johanna Kinkel)
-Postea Sciens Jesu (Sungji Hong)

The first half is comprised of entirely contemporary choral music, featuring two world premieres by Yfat Soul Zisso and Suzanne Parry. Each work explores physical feelings of pain in war and prayers for relief that accompany such pain.

The second half is built around Lina Braghetta's Missa Sancta Heracleae, with short works by Clemens non Papa, Aleotti, Bach, Kinkel, and Hong interspersed between movements. Braghetta was an Italian partisan fighter in WWII. Her mass was published in 1951, as Italy began to recover from the horrors of war and come into its own as a nation. Between each movement of the mass is a short choral work with a wartime association, from the memory of peace in Clemens non Papa's "Vidi Jerusalem" to a vision of the bitter end in Sungji Hong's "Postea Sciens Jesu" (our third world premiere on the list).

Entry is by donation, with all profits going to support Safe Passage UK, an organisation that works to help refugees settle safely across this green and pleasant land. Join us for an emotional evening of remembrance and solidarity in the Church of the Sacred Heart, Lauriston Place.
Unto the Hills
Unto the Hills Unto the Hills