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St Mary's Cathedral

23 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, EH12 5AW
St Mary's Cathedral Air View

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The Cathedral is recognised by its three spires. Its main function, reflected in its architecture, is worship - daily services, and for most of the year sung weekday and Sunday Services with the Cathedral Choir. The Choir and other groups also give concerts from time to time, not least during the Festival. The Father Willis organ is excellent for organ recitals. In addition outside groups sometimes arrange to use the building, with its fine acoustic, for their own concerts. The Nave (where the audience is seated) is well spaced, with chairs interconnected in rows in the centre and side aisles. It mostly seats around 500, though at Festive seasons the chairs are rearranged to allow nearer 600. There is sometimes scope for other non-view or low-view seating to be available. Performers (singers ? up to 60) can sit in the Choir stalls, or, more often on the Podium in front (about 30 chairs, or standing). The Podium area is slightly raised in two shallow steps. Orchestras can play either on the Podium or on front of it (which entails removing the front row or two of audience seating.)